About NWA Mobility

NWA Mobility is a division of Dynasty Transportation, located in Springdale, Arkansas. After going to a couple of auctions, we noticed that some of the vehicles being sold were Braun handicap vans. Since we were in the Taxi business, this gave us an idea of buying retired vans and recertifying them with new parts. With our knowledge of how to keep our Taxi division running, we applied that same knowledge to the Handicap vehicle. Our service department and area body shops were how we kept our Taxis running, and looking good. Now with all that said, here we are taking Braun vans and making them almost like new again. Saving you, the consumer, a bundle over the price of a new one or maybe one you don’t know what is wrong with it. 

NWA Mobility Owned and Operated by Dynasty Transportation ... All rights reserved 2003

NWA Mobility believes that the ability to be Mobile should be affordable, and we are here to prove it.